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Precision Sheet Metal Hole Punching

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The Whitney fabricator punch is a great tool for prototype sheet metal fabrication.

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Basic explanation - hole pierce or hole punch:

 Hole pierce or hole punch is a metal removal process that involves the use of tooling and specialized presses. Tooling consists of a matched pair called a punch (top) and die (bottom). The above illustration demonstrates this combination in use.

 Whitney fabricator punch press operation; Tooling is selected and installed into specially designed holders. Proper setup dictates that the punch and die must be accurately aligned. Stops are set on the material support table to position the sheet metal blank between the punch and die. Force is exerted and a cam action forces the punch downwards until it contacts the sheet metal surface, at this point great pressure is exerted and a slug of sheet metal is forced into the die thus creating a hole. The hole location is measured and the stops are adjusted until the hole is positioned accurately to within a few thousands of an inch or closer.

 Round, square, oval and rectangle are all considered standard shape tooling and should be chosen if possible. Small size tooling can be used to make larger cutouts. Different shapes can be used in combination to achieve shaped cutouts as well.

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