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Sheet Metal Corner Notching and Slip Rolling

 IMAGE Dayton 2AC31 notcher - IMAGE Niagara slip roll.

  The notcher and slip roll are indispensable for prototype sheet metal fabrication.

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Basic explanation - notch and slip roll:

 The Notcher is a versatile tool that is indispensable for small sheet metal prototype fabrication. This tool works on the periphery of the sheet metal blank. Stops are set to control the entrance of sheet metal under the top 90 degree square blade, the handle is pulled a cam action forces the top blade into the sheet metal and cuts away the sheet metal under the blade. Angles, chamfers and square corners are typical notches.

 The Slip Roll is a tool used to bend sheet metal into a large radius or even create cylindrical parts. The rolling machine uses an adjustable three roller configuration to form a radius. Two rollers are positioned in parallel, top and bottom. A third roller is positioned behind the parallel rolls and it is this third roller that controls the radius of the rolled part.

 How slip rolling works. The bottom roller of the two parallel rollers gets an adjustment upward until the sheet metal is pinched between both top and bottom rollers. A long handle is turned and feeds the pinched sheet metal into the slip roll causing it to contact the third roller. As the pinched sheet metal contacts the third roller it forces the sheet metal to bend and roll into a large radius. By adjusting this third roller upwards, by turning adjustment bolts, the radius becomes smaller or tighter until the desired radius is reached. Slip rolling sheet metal is a trial and error process. The radius always starts out larger than the desired finished radius.

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