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Fall delivery day for a custom sheet metal fabrication.
IMAGE Custom aluminum fabrication.

Metal fabricator Phil with a rather large aluminum chimney cap.

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Company overview:

 Martin Sheet Metal is a very small metal working company that specializes in the manufacture of small bent shapes made from light gauge sheet metal.

Bent shape fabrication process:

 Customer drawings, sketches or descriptions are first interpreted. This information is either entered into sheet metal design and unfolding software or calculated using math formulas to create a flat layout. The flat layout can be used as a guide for conventional fabrication methods or processed to create a cnc cut path for use with the plasma shape cutting machine. Once a flat blank is fabricated, as per layout, a deburring treatment is usually applied before sending it to the press brake for precision forming. Inspection is done at every step to ensure satisfactory results.


 In late August 1989 Martin Sheet Metal opened for business. Without any fanfare or fireworks a laid off precision sheet metal worker began his new career as a small business entrepreneur. Humbly, fabrication began with three machines. The press brake department had only one forming tool, a goose neck punch and a 1/4 inch wide bottom die two feet in length. There is now a wide selection of form tooling available but that one tool bent more sheet metal in those early days than any other tool ever installed in a press brake at Martin Sheet Metal.

 Over the past few years the company focus has changed from production to small size orders and prototype work. Some production machines have been replaced with more prototype oriented machine tools. A long sought after Timesavers Mini Belt 648 sander has been added to the shop, this is the perfect machine for small part surface finishing. Martin Sheet Metal is proud to offer this most prestigious service of Timesaver sanding and surface finishing.

Why Martin Sheet Metal:

 By slow and steady focused equipment acquisitions with focused vocational training this small business is able to offer metal fabrication options for most prototype fabrication needs and beyond. The fabrication machines offer flexibility and most fabrication processes are completed in house for quality control and efficiency. Knowledge, skill and experience combined with the available fabrication equipment, tooling and software offer much in the way of light gauge prototype fabrication capability.

In Closing:

Thank you for your interest in this small company.

 Martin Sheet Metal would not have been possible except for the love and support of Lorraine. A wonderful mother who at every step of the way encouraged her son Phil to pursue his dream of owning a small business.

This website and small business are dedicated to Mom and her unwavering love. She went to be with the lord 12-12-2011. Martin Sheet Metal has temporarily suspended all operations, Thank you for your understanding. If you have a Mom be sure to tell her of your love for her. Thank you, Phil.

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